Judy Walden

Welcome to Mrs. Walden's 5th Grade Class


We are off to a great start! I am enjoying getting to know my students and tell them over and over they are the best 5th grade class. I am so pleased we have not had any major issues with behavior. Without a doubt, I am sure we are going to have a really good year!


Week of August 25

Reading Homework: 

          Monday ~ Read P 23 - 34 (Be ready for quiz on Tue.)

           Tuesday ~ Quiz over P 23 - 34; P 2 due Wed.

           Thursday ~ Reread P 23 - 34 for test Friday

            Test over "From the Diary of Leigh Botts"


Spelling Homework:

           P 13 due Wed for Mrs. Tedford's class; Thursday for Mrs. Walden and Mr. Truitt's classes

           5 Times Each due Thursday for all classes

           Unit 1 Test is Thursday for all classes



          Monday ~ Percussion

          Tuesday ~ Saxophones

          Wednesday ~ Trumpets and French Horns

          Thursday ~ Trombones, Euphoniums, and Tubas

          Friday ~ Flutes and Clarinets


          * Tuesday is PICTURE DAY

          * Tuesday is the beginning of PTO Spirit Wear Sales. Ends Sep. 9

           * Thursday is Open House. 5th Grade is 7:00 - 8:00. HOPE TO SEE EVERYONE THERE!