Judy Walden

Welcome to Mrs. Walden's 5th Grade Class


              * Report Cards are available on-line .

            * We need Box Tops!! Please send them as soon as you can. Please have neighbors, relatives, and businesses save them for you to bring. They can help our class receive money to use for learning activities

           * Our Spelling Bee is on Feb. 5. Our class will be represented by Caleb Nidey and Luke Hatfield. Our alternate is Treyton Brown.


Week of January 12 ~ 16

Reading Homework: 

     Monday:  Read P 385-398; Quiz Tue.

     Tuesday: P. 162

      Wednesday: None

      Thursday:  Study vocabulary words for test

     Friday: TEST

Spelling Homework:

      Unit 19

      P 121 ~ 5Xs  ~ Due on Thursday for Mr. Truitt and Mrs. Walden's Classes; Wednesday for Mrs. Tedford's Class

      Test ~ On Thursday for all 3 classes


Monday: Snare

Tuesday:  Flutes, Clarinets, Sax

Wednesday: Trumpets, Horns

Thursday: Trombones, Euphonium, Tuba

Friday: Full