Judy Walden

Welcome to Mrs. Walden's 5th Grade Class



          *  Friday, Nov. 21, 2014, we will have 11:20 DISMISSAL for school improvement

          * Friday is Midterm for 2nd Quarter

          * We need Box Tops!! Please send them as soon as you can. Please have neighbors, relatives, and businesses save them for you to bring. They can help our class receive money to use for learning activities

            * I will NOT be assigning any homework in Reading or Spelling the week of Thanksgiving. Have a nice Thanksgiving with your families. We will DISMISS at 1:50 on Wednesday, Nov. 26th. NO SCHOOL on Thursday or Friday.


Week of November 17 ~ 21

Reading Homework: 

     Monday:  Read P 289 - 300

     Tuesday: Quiz; P 122

      Wednesday: P 278

      Thursday:  Study vocabulary words and reread the story.

     Friday: Test over "The Marble Champ"

Spelling Homework:

      Unit 13

      P 85 ~ Walden and Truitt due on Thursday; Tedford due on Wednesday

      5Xs  ~ Due on Thursday for all 3 classes

      Test ~ On Thursday for all 3 classes


Monday: Percussion

Tuesday: Flutes, Clarinets, Saxophones

Wednesday: All Brass

Thursday: Full Band

Friday: Early dismissal