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7th Grade Science – Websites

Science Fair Idea Website:

Yeast Website:

Simple Machines Websites: (Thanks Ms. Ward and Kids!)

Energy Scavenger Hunt Websites:

Elements Website:

Science Fair


Click Here For The 2018 Science Fair Packet


Science Fair 

All students must complete all Science Fair papers, give a presentation, and make a display board. 

Backboards and Presentaion Cards are due on Thursday, April 26th

Students will have class time on April 23rd, 24th, and 25th to work on those.


Will be Monday, April 30th - Wednesday, May 2nd

Science Fair in the Gym :  Friday, May 11, 2018

Science Fair Showcase for the public is from 5 pm to 6 pm in NMS gym. 

 For Your Information: 

All students must complete all Science Fair papers, give a presentation, and share their project at the NMS Fair.  

I will be offering white science fair backboards for $3.00 and colored backboards for $5.00 on a first come first serve basis while supplies last.

Science Fair Links:

Science Fair Schedule - 2018

Links to Papers for Science Fair

Science Fair Project Packet

Links To Science Fair Topics Or Ideas

All Science Fair Project Ideas

Science Fair Topics

Cool Science Projects

Agricultural Ideas For Projects

Buginfo Projects

Electronics For Kids

Science Fair Central

Science Buddies

Science Fair Idea Exchange

Super Science Fair Projects



What's covered in science???

Unit 1 Introduction to Matter

Chapter 1 The World of Physical Science

Chapter 2 The Properties of Matter

Chapter 3 States of Matter

Chapter 4 Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures

Unit 2 Motion and Forces

Chapter 5 Matter in Motion

Chapter 6 Forces in Motion

Chapter 7 Forces in Fluids

Unit 3 Work, Machines, and Energy

Chapter 8 Work and Machines

Chapter 9 Energy and Energy Resources

Chapter 10 Heat and Heat Technology

Unit 4 The Atom

Chapter 11 Introduction to Atoms

Chapter 12 The Periodic Table

Unit 5 Interactions of Matter

Chapter 13 Chemical Bonding

Chapter 14 Chemical Reactions

Chapter 15 Chemical Compounds

Chapter 16 Atomic Energy

Unit 6 Electricity

Chapter 17 Introduction to Electricity

Chapter 18 Electromagnetism

Chapter 19 Electronic Technology

Unit 7 Waves, Sound, and Light

Chapter 20 The Energy of Waves

Chapter 21 The Nature of Sound

Chapter 22 The Nature of Light

Chapter 23 Light and Our World




Ashley Kuhn

7th Grade SCIENCE


7th Grade science is an exploration of the field of physical science. The students will be given the opportunity to perform hands on experiments in class. They will also have an individual project that can be exhibited at the NMS Science Fair. Each student is expected to complete a science fair project.  Please visit the links below for more information.

 What is_Covered


Sc Fair








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