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Students will be using like-new Prentice Hall math textbooks this school year!  It is imperative that textbooks be taken care of and returned without any damages at the end of the school year.  Students need to avoid shoving math books in and out of lockers, dropping them, throwing them, standing on them, leaving them out in bad weather, etc., in order to not be charged a fine for damages at the end of the school year.

Students will have access to online supplemental materials for extra assistance, such as an online textbook and extra practice problems.  Click below to access the Prentice Hall website. If there is ever a question regarding the 7th grade math curriculum, please contact me.


Click here for directions to set up your Prentice-Hall account. 



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Test Information


THE NEXT MATH TEST WILL BE:  Friday, November 30 over Chapter 3

There will be two or three math tests per quarter.  Students will know when tests are scheduled AT LEAST a week prior to the test.  Seventh grade math tests are usually worth anywhere from 40-100 points.  I give partial credit on tests based on the work shown.  Often times, students are required to show work in order to receive the points both on tests and homework.  Generally, a quiz or two may be given during each chapter.  We often review concepts in class prior to a quiz.  A quiz is usually worth 10-30 points.

Seventh grade students need to STUDY FOR TESTS!  Studying should be easy because students are to take notes in their math composition notebook over each lesson.  Students can also study the math review study guide we go over in class the day prior to the test.  It may be in the form of a review from the math book or a math game played in class.  Students will know the exact format of each test, as I go over it with them the day prior to the test.  So, they know if there will be vocabulary words, multiple choice, short answer, essay questions, extra credit, etc., on the test. 

Homework Information


The types of math practice, homework, and assessments will vary this school year, as will the length of time to complete them and the point value.  Sometimes I will give either a small assignment or just a couple of problems that might be due the next day.  Other times I may give a slightly longer assignment but give students a couple of days to complete it (these will often be worth 10 points).  Students will be clearly informed about due dates.  At times I will give in-class assignments due at the end of the class.  These in-class activities could be either individual work, partner work, or group work.  If absent, students need to visit the daily log in my classroom to find out what was missed, including any homework that was given or collected.

Students will be required to keep a math composition notebook that will be graded at various times each quarter. The notebook will include items such as vocabulary words and definitions, steps to solving problems, example and practice problems, and diagrams/illustrations.  If absent, it is the responsibility of the student to see me (or another trustworthy student) to find out what material was missed and to make sure that the information gets placed in the notebook.  Notebook requirements will clearly be explained to students,

As a parent/guardian, please check in your child's assignment notebook and yellow folder to ensure that assignments are being completed.  Please see the 7th grade homework page for current assignments.  Encourage your child to complete and turn in all assignments and to ask questions.  Questions let me know what math skills need time for re-explaining.  Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns!


Kara Price

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Chapter 1 - Integers and Rational Numbers

Chapter 2—Equations

Chapter 3 - Inequalities

Chapter 4 - Ratios, Rates, and Proportions

Chapter 5 - Percents

Chapter 6 - Geometry and Area

Chapter 7 - Surface Area and Volume

Chapter 8 - Analyzing Data

Chapter 9 - Probability


Welcome to my 7th grade math website!  My name is Kara Price, and I have taught at Nuttall Middle School for 23 years.  I love teaching math, but even more I love teaching middle school students!  In math this year, students will learn about many new topics they haven't studied before!  As long as students listen and pay attention, participate, do homework, study for tests, and ASK FOR MY HELP WHEN NEEDED, they will have a successful year in seventh grade math!

For math, students are required to supply their own composition notebook and their own calculator - Texas Instruments Model TI-30X IIS Solar Powered (available at Wal-Mart).  They will also need plenty of loose-leaf paper, a folder, pencils, a ruler, and a protractor.  If purchasing any of these items is a problem, please contact me.


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