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Nuttall Middle School Physical Education Rules





  1. I.Uniform requirements
    1. A.Gym type shorts: maroon with last name on leg (we can put the name on at school during the first week of class).
    2. B.White or gray t-shirt with name on the back (NO other writing).
    3. C.Gym shoes: any type with laces or Velcro straps, low or high top. No slip on.
    4. D.White socks. (Best to keep extra pair of socks in locker).


  1. II.General Information
    1. A.All students must be in the gym promptly. Girls must line up against the wall by the locker room and wait on the first class to be dismissed. As soon as everyone is out you may enter. Boys must wait on the black line under the basketball goal on the base line until Mr. Thompson says its o.k. to go in. No touching the p.e. equipment while waiting.
    2. B.Students must dress quickly and wait seated at their lockers until the teacher/supervisor directs them to move to the gym for attendance and daily activities. Use the bathrooms before attendance or after returning to the locker room when the activity is over. Do not ask to make a special trip.
    3. C.Uniforms must be taken home and laundered at the end of each school week. You must have and wear your own uniform.
    4. D.Following class, all students will be dismissed to the locker room area with the teacher/supervisor where they will dress for their next class. The bathrooms are not to be used as personal changing areas. The shower rooms are off limits.
    5. E.After dressing, students wait in the locker room seated at their locker until they are dismissed. Anyone wanting a drink of water may get it as you go out to line up for class or as you come in to get dressed after class.
    6. F.Personal hygiene articles (combs, brush, deodorant, perfume, hairspray, etc.) may be kept in your locker. No glass containers or aerosols will be permitted.
    7. G.There will be no gum chewing, eating candy, eating food, etc. Or pop drinking in the locker room, in the gym or outside on school grounds.
    8. H.Anyone found abusing or destroying equipment will be required to pay for repairs or replacement of that equipment, whichever the situation demands.
    9. I.Jewelry, with few exceptions, cannot be won during class. Small earrings which lay flat against the ear may be worn. No dangling or hoop earrings of any kind will be allowed. You may use rubber bands or cloth type items to hold your hair No string type necklaces, bracelets, or ankle bracelets may be worn.
    10. J.No profanity will be tolerated at any time.
  2. III.Lockers, Locks and The Locker Room
    1. A.Each student will be issued a lock and locker for their own use. You must use your own lock and locker.
    2. B.Everyone should make sure that all of his or her valuables and clothing articles are locked up before leaving the locker room both during and after class
    3. C.Any student who loses their lock will be required to pay for its replacement.
    4. D.All personal items must be kept off the floor in the locker room. Seventh graders may not bring their books to class. Sixth and eighth graders may put their books under the bench below their locker during class. The tops of the lockers must be kept clear. No gym bags, books, clothing, etc. will be allowed to remain out in the locker room after class is over.
    5. E.No horseplay, wrestling, fighting, running, or throwing of any items will be tolerated in the locker room after class is over.
    6. F.All lost and found items should be turned in and claimed in the p.e. office
  1. IV.Medical excuses
    1. A.Doctor excuses for partial or full physical education exemptions will be honored for the period of time specified by the doctor. All excuses should be in the main office before school on the day they take effect. If you do not dress and participate in p.e. class, you cannot participate in activities at lunch. Also, if you do not participate in p.e. class you cannot participate in intramural activities or physical extra-curricular activities which are cross country, cheerleading, basketball, volleyball, track, etc.
    2. B.Long-term exemptions may require the student to have a schedule change through the guidance office.
  1. V.Expectations
    1. A.Be on time to class and attendance
    2. B.Stay in assigned area both in the locker room, in the gym, and outside.
    3. C.Dress and participate everyday unless excused.
    4. D.Have clean shorts, shirt, and socks at the beginning of every school week.
    5. E.No incomplete or incorrect uniforms or having to borrow clothes from other students.
    6. F.Be polite and respectful to other students and adults.
    7. G.Be responsive and cooperative.
    8. H.Show good sportsmanship.
    9. I.Be honest.
    10. J.Be willing to help other students.
    11. K.Take turns and share. Include everyone.
    12. L.Follow class directions.
    13. M.4 tardies = 1 detention
    14. N.Know and abide by the policies

Shiloh Bonnell

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  8th grade

7th grade

6th grade

Physical Education Curriculum Overview:



Power Walking

Physical Fitness Testing

Flag Football

Team Activities







Square Dancing

Kicking Games

Hitting Games

Fitness Days


2 DAYS A WEEK- FITNESS DAYS (running,walking,fitness stations,dance, aerobics,pyometrics plus much more)


Things to know:

Each student is assigned a locker with a lock. 

All students must wear their own pe clothes.  Loaner clothes are provided if students forget their clothes.

We try to go outside as much as possible before winter sets in.  We encourage all students to keep an extra pair of sweats in their pe locker.

Physical Education is a pass/fail class.  We realize that every childs fitness level is different.  We encourage each and every student to do their best.

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