Robinson Schools

Boys Physical Education

Physical Education Class Rules


  • Presidential Physical Fitness Testing
  • Speed Ball
  • Soccer
  • Flag Football
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Kicking Activities
  • Softball
  • Team Activities
  • Roller Skating
  • Bowling
  • Hockey
  • Square Dancing
  • Power Walking
  • Fitness Days

Class Outline:

Physical Education Class will consist of 2 days per week of our "Fitness Days" and the remaining days will be focused on the activity unit scheduled during that time.

Parent Notes:

  • Parents may write a note to excuse their student for a total of up to 3 days per SEMESTER for a medical reason. Anything after the 3 days in the same semester will require a Doctor's Note.

Medical Excuses:

  • Students will be excused from participation based on the limitations set forth in the doctors note. 
  • Students will still be required to dress for PE class.

Physical Development

Class Goals:

The goals of physical development class are to help improve the speed, strength, quickness, endurance, flexibility, and agility of the students.

Class Criteria:

The class is designed as an "Advanced Physical Education" class for 8th grade students who have displayed signs of excellent effort and attitude in our regular physical education classes. Physical Development is a semester long class.

Class Curriculum:

  • Weight Training
  • Running (Sprints and Long Distance)
  • Agility Ladder
  • Dot Drill
  • P90X Training
  • Medicine Ball Training
  • Kettle Bell Training
  • Jump Training
  • Cross-Fit Style Workouts


NMS PE Rules & Expectations



Wife: Brandie (2000)
Children: Duke (2005), Dagg (2010), and Deek (2011)

Basketball Coaching:
Marshall Elementary School 5th/6th Boys Basketball - 2 years
Charleston Middle School 6th Basketball - 1 year
Martinsville High School Assistant Basketball - 2 years
Brown County High School Assistant Basketball - 1 year
Cisne High School Head Basketball - 2 years
Lincoln Land Community College Assistant Mens Basketball - 4 years
Nuttall Middle School Boys Basketball - 5 years
Robinson High School Head Boys Basketball - 2011

Football Coaching:
Martinsville High School - 1 year
Brown County High School - 1 year
Robinson High School - 2009-present

Baseball Coaching:
Martinsville High School - 1 year
Casey-Westfield High School - 1 year
Cisne Middle School - 3 years

Softball Coaching:
Cisne High School - 1 year
Robinson High School - 1 year 

Teaching Experience:
Brown County High School - 1 year
Cisne High School - 2 years
Athens High School - 3 years
Lincoln Land Community College - 4 years
Nuttall Middle School - 2006-present 

Associates Degree - Lincoln Trail College
Bachelors Degree (Physical Education) - Eastern Illinois University
Masters Degree (Sports Management) - University of Illinois at Springfield
Masters Degree (Educational Administration) - Eastern Illinois University

Robinson High School
2000 North Cross Street
Phone: (618) 544-9510
Fax: (618) 544-7921
Principal: Victoria McDonald

Nuttall Middle School
400 West Rustic Street
Phone: (618) 544-8618
Fax: (618) 544-5304
Principal: Craig Beals

Lincoln Grade School
301 East Poplar Street
Phone: (618) 544-3315
Fax: (618) 544-4136
Principal: Kathy Bemont

Washington Elem. School
507 West Condit Street
Phone: (618) 544-2233
Fax: (618) 544-5502
Principal: Jason Stark

Community Unit #2
1301 North Allen Street
Phone: (618) 544-7781
Fax: (618) 544-9284
Superintendent: Josh Quick
Community Unit School District #2 


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