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HOBY 2019

Applications are being accepted for the 2019 HOBY Leadership Seminar.  10th graders interested in representing RHS at the seminar need to complete an application and turn in to Mrs. Cooley in the guidance office.  
The Minerva Club will sponsor one student from RHS to attend HOBY by paying the $225 registration fee.  Students are responsible for their own transportation.  You can find more information about HOBY at
Applications are due in the guidance office by October 30th. 
HOBY Seminar Date:  June 13-June 16, 2019
Location:  Illinois Wesleyan University

Graduation Requirments



  • Four credits in English (only one credit of journalism will count toward the English requirement) *Note: All Juniors will be required to take 1 credit of English
  • Three credits in Science
  • Three credits in Math
  • Three credits in Social Studies
  • Three additional credits in core classes (includes English, Math, Science, Social Studies)
  • ½ credit in Health Education
  • ½ credit in Consumer Education
  • One credit in applying Computers
  • 2 credits in Fine Arts, Foreign Language, or Vocational Education
  • 4 credits in Physical Education


Credits Credits

Freshmen-Enroll Semester 2


Junior Enroll Semester 1


Junior Enroll Semester 2


Sophomore Enroll Semester 1


Senior Enroll Semester 1


Sophomore Enroll Semester 2    


Senior Enroll Semester 2


All graduation requirements must be met before participating in the graduation program.


Honor Roll

At the conclusion of the first, second, third, and fourth quarters, a scholastic Honor Roll will be announced by the school through local news media.

  • Grades and grade point will determine eligibility for honor roll.
  • A student can only have one "C" and still make honor roll.
  • A student must carry a minimum of 4 credits per semester.

High Honors - A student must carry a 4.0 grade point average.
Honors - A student must have at least a 3.0 grade point average.

How Honor Roll is Calculated

The computer calculates and generates a list of Honor Roll students at the end of each quarter grading period. Specifically, the way this works, you take the scores from each quarter are translated from their letter grade into a point value. Scores from pass/fail classes are not considered in the calculations. The point value of each score is multiplied by the number of credits for that course. The credit-weighted point total is added up and divided by the sum of the credits for the classes considered. This produces the Grade Point Average (GPA) for the quarter.


HONORS = 3.0-3.9

Grading Scale



Grading Scale

Grade Point

Regular Section

"A" Superior 90-100 4.0
"B" Above Average 80-89 3.0
"C" Average 70-79 2.0
"D" Below Average 60-69 1.0
"F" Failing 59-Below 0.0

Robinson High School
2000 North Cross Street
Phone: (618) 544-9510
Fax: (618) 544-7921
Principal: Victoria McDonald

Nuttall Middle School
400 West Rustic Street
Phone: (618) 544-8618
Fax: (618) 544-5304
Principal: Craig Beals

Lincoln Grade School
301 East Poplar Street
Phone: (618) 544-3315
Fax: (618) 544-4136
Principal: Kathy Bemont

Washington Elem. School
507 West Condit Street
Phone: (618) 544-2233
Fax: (618) 544-5502
Principal: Jason Stark

Community Unit #2
1301 North Allen Street
Phone: (618) 544-7781
Fax: (618) 544-9284
Superintendent: Josh Quick
Community Unit School District #2 


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