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Fri.,Sept.21:                                     Field Trip to Fort LaMotte in Palestine (in afternoon)

Wed., Sept.26:                                 Paragon sales end

Thurs., Oct. 4:                                 PTO @ 6pm

Fri.,Oct.5:                                        Walking trip to the square to see toffee made at the Fall Festival

Mon.,Oct.8:                                      No School, Columbus Day

Fri.October 12:                                End of 1st Quarter; AR points due for 1st quarter

Wed., Oct. 17:                                  Early Dismissal @ 11:20am

Thurs., Oct.18:                                Parent/Teacher conferences, noon-8pm

Fri., Oct.19:                                     Parent/Teacher conferences 8am-11:00am                                                          
















5th Grade Band Schedule

5th Grade Band Schedule September 24-28 

Monday:  Percussion (bells)


 Tuesday:   Clarinets, Saxophones


Wednesday: Trumpets, Horns 


Thursday: Low Brass 


Friday:   Flutes


Monday,  September 17,  2018

        Reading:   Do WB 37/38 due tomorrow. 

       English:       No HW

       Spelling:   Do WB 43,44 due Friday. Unit 5 test on Friday.

        Math:  Started lesson 2.3.   No HW.  

        Science:  Did experiment 12.2.  Turn in WS      

        Social Studies: No HW 

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

          Reading:     Do WB 32 due tomorrow 

          English:        Do WB 19  due tomorrow.

          Spelling:  Same assignment as Monday

          Math:       Do WB pages 37-40, circled ones only

          Science:      No HW.

          Social Studies:  Finished Lesson 3. Do WB 39/40 due Thursday.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

          Reading:   We  read "Meeting Mr. Henry."  Do WB 33 due tomorrow.

          English:     Do WS 12 due tomorrow.

          Spelling:    Same assignment as Monday.

          Math:     Started lesson 2.4.  No HW.

         Science:     We read pages E15-17 and wrote vocabulary words.  No HW.

         Social Studies:  Same assignment as Tuesday.

Thursday,  September 20, 2018

          Reading:  We did Test Prep Writing today.  Read AR.

          English:    Do WS on common/proper nouns; due tomorrow.

         Spelling:     Same assignment  as Monday

          Math:    Continued lesson 2.4.  No HW.

         Science:     No HW

          Social Studies: Filled out study guide for ch.4 test on Wed.,Sept 26. STUDY!                   

Friday, September 21, 2018

         Reading:       Took test over "Meeting Mr. Henry."  Read AR.

          English:                No HW

          Spelling:               Took Unit 5 test.  No HW.

          Math:               No HW

         Science:                  No HW

          Social Studies:  Field Trip to Fort LaMotte Days in Palestine  




Robinson High School
2000 North Cross Street
Phone: (618) 544-9510
Fax: (618) 544-7921
Principal: Victoria McDonald

Nuttall Middle School
400 West Rustic Street
Phone: (618) 544-8618
Fax: (618) 544-5304
Principal: Craig Beals

Lincoln Grade School
301 East Poplar Street
Phone: (618) 544-3315
Fax: (618) 544-4136
Principal: Kathy Bemont

Washington Elem. School
507 West Condit Street
Phone: (618) 544-2233
Fax: (618) 544-5502
Principal: Jason Stark

Community Unit #2
1301 North Allen Street
Phone: (618) 544-7781
Fax: (618) 544-9284
Superintendent: Josh Quick
Community Unit School District #2 


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