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   Grades 3, 4, 5 RTI 

Grade 4 Reading 

Grade 3 Reading, Writing, and English

Week of 10-12-2015

My personal teaching philosophy: to create an environment that nourishes the love of reading, the love of writing, and the love of the English language while encouraging students to think critically and thoughtfully.


The only homework I ever give is for the student to read 10 minutes each day at home. This means reading ANYTHING, from a grocery list, comic book, newspaper, books, pamphlets, magazines, tv guides, instructions, etc. Occasionally I will send home booklets for them to read if they wish. They can earn stickers in the classroom for bringing these home signed by an adult which tells me they read them aloud to the person who signed it.  


This week we are learning the following...


GRADES 3-4-5 RTI :  All three grades are working on their points in AR. It is also important students read carefully and thoughtfully, and completely before taking an AR test. Your child will be read to daily. The students will read books of their choice within their ZPD based on the STAR assessments given three times during the school year. Your child will meet with a teacher daily to read aloud and discuss what they are currently reading (this is called status of the class). Notes and comments will be made at this time about your child's reading fluency and comprehension progress.

We are also working on math skills: basic math skills (add, subtract, multiply, divide), skip counting, place value


We will be learning about the Venus Flytrap as we begin a new story this week. Vocabulary and the main skill of story will be sent home. Please look for paper books coming home. Please sign these books after your child reads them aloud to you and they can get a stick for their sticker page when they bring it back in.    

We will be continuing to work on cursive writing, punctuation, and proper use of capital and lower case letters in class. We will also be working on writing stories with a beginning, middle, and logical ending. 

 We will be 

GRADE 4 READING: We are reading Because of Winn Dixie and learning about hte 7 Keys of Comprehension. I have sent home several of these explanations but please contact me if you would like to have a copy to help your child as they read.


 **YOUTUBE.COM has so many great resources for math games and songs. All you have to do is go to the website and then in the search box, put in the skill you want your child to work on (skip counting by 3's, multiplying by 8, etc.) 











Interventions at LGS are general education skills that are delivered to students who may need more practice and/or instruction in subjects such as reading, writing, movement, math, etc.

I hope to add to this webpage links for home practice as well as articles of interest and developments within the parent and teacher communications arena. 

Please please please feel free to contact me with concerns, questions, ideas, etc. 

Together is better !!

Math facts and games


Interventions math and reading

(pay) read aloud with kids


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