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My name is Karen Wakefield.   I am married and have two boys of my own and four step-children.   My husband and I have eight grandchildren ranging in age from 8 years old to 8 days old!  

Music is a place to Sing, Dance, Play Games, Play Instruments and be Creative.  

It is a pleasure to share the joy of music with all of your children.  


The Schedule at Washington is below.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Schedule:              Monday       Tuesday             Wednesday             Thursday             Friday

12:15-12:55          McConnell    Sandschaefer    Robinson                 Clark                   Jobe       Kindergarten 

1:00-1:40-1st        Parkhurst       Stewart             Watson                   Kiger                   Smith

1:45-2:25-2nd        Rynke             Eddy                 Rhoads                   Sutfin                  Shaefer  





Useful & Fun Music Links

Here is a site from the New York Philharmonic Orchestra with cool games....introduction to the AND video.


Another cool site with great games is the Dallas Symphony Orchestra Kids.  Be sure to check it out!

Dallas Symphony Orchestra Kids:

5th Grade Music

5th Grade Music

In 5th Grade Music students learn to read and play more complex rhythms such as tied notes, syncopation, and dotted notes.

5th graders also continue to add the solfege syllables of fa and ti so that they may be able to sight-sing a variety of music.

5th graders also do a lot of singing and accompanying themselves with Orff instruments.  These instruments were developed for elementary age children by a man named Carl Orff.  They are a quality instrument and help children to sing in tune which in turn develops thier ear.  Children enjoy playing these instruments very much and everyone always wants it to be there turn!

5th Graders have music first thing in the morning from 8:25-9:05.  The schedule is as follows: Monday-Mrs. Swisher, Tuesday-Mrs. Siler, Wednesday-Mrs. Dean, Thursday-Mr. Truitt, Friday-Mrs, Tedford 

4th Grade Music

4th Grade Music-Fall Program

The 4th Grade Fall Program will be on Thursday, November 7th  at 6 pm at Highland Church of Christ.

The title of the program is I Pledge Allegiance.   This program is held to honor our United Stated veterans.  It has many speaking parts, several solos as well as several acting parts.  Everyone is welcome to attend, especially if you are a Veteran of any branch of the U.S. Armed Forces.

If your child is participating in this program please have them wear something red, white and/or blue unless otherwise specified.



4th Grade Music Class


After our program is over, 4th grade music class will continue where 3rd grade left.  Students will continue to learn sixteenth note rhythm patterns, practice sight singing with solfege syllables and add the syllables low so and low la. Later in the year, 4th graders will learn to play the Soprano Recorder.  This will give them experience in note reading and will help prepare them for band.  4th graders will also practice music skills by accompanying themselves on Orff Instruments.

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