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Thing 1 and 2


Here are some pictures of the kids with their Thing 1 and 2 hats for Dr. Seuss week.

What's Up

What's Up In Class


Here is what we will be covering in class this week (May 6-10)


Jolly Phonics 3

 Unit 4

Alternatives:  'ai', 'ay', 'a_e'

Example:  paint, holiday, cave

Tricky Words:  I, the, to, me, be, he, she, we, was, all, are, do, you, your, come, some, said, here, there, they, go, no, so, my, one, only, old, like, have, live, give, little, down, what, when, why, where, who, which, any, many, more, before, othe, were, because, want


Sounding out and writing words




Chapter 17-18 - Addition and Subtraction Stories

Understand simple addition and subtraction

Understand the minus and plus symbol

Use symbols and numerals to write number sentences

 We continue to do our calendar activities and our journal writing each day.


   End of Year activities

    The following marks will be used to grade the jobs:

(+) - exceeded grade level expectations (Went above what needed to be done)

( / ) - met grade level (Did what was asked)

( - ) - did not meet grade level (Did not follow directions)


*Please continue to go over the work that is in their homework zippy's.  We really do appreciate the time you spend working with them. 

First Week Celebration

Bubble Celebration!


For doing such a great job during the first week of school, all of the kids got to celebrate with bubbles.  Hope you enjoy the pictures!


Turkey Town


Turkey Town

I want to thank all of the parents who volunteered and to the ones who sent supplies in.  The kids had a great time! Below are some pictures from turkey town.

Happy Thanksgiving!



I Spy


During the school year the kids will get a chance to get "I Spy" tickets for making good choices, following the rules, being a good leader, and helping others.  Not only am I able to give them tickets but other teachers in the building can as well.  There is no limit on how many tickets the kids can get.  Each month I will draw a ticket out to see who the winner is.  We will have a school wide assembly at the end of each month and the winner will receive a prize and a certificate.


Elizabeth is our September winner!


 Connor is our October winner!




Rowyn is our November winner!



Trevor is our December winner!



Sarah is our January winner!



Kyler is our February winner!



Payton is our March winner!



Dayne is our April winner!



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Community Unit School District #2 


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