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The sixth grade program is a nine week class taken by all sixth graders. The class is designed to teach students touch keyboarding and word processing skills. Knowing how to key properly will help the students use computers effectively for school and personal activities. Each keyboarding lesson will be aided by MicroType 5 software program to aid in accuracy and speed in the students' typing.

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 Keyboard Ninja

 Typing Practice                   Typing Study                                           

 Typing Club

 Key Man  Practice Lines

 Keyboarding Challenge

Typing Games Keyboard Game
 Millionaire The Problem Site  









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Robinson High School
2000 North Cross Street
Phone: (618) 544-9510
Fax: (618) 544-7921
Principal: Victoria McDonald

Nuttall Middle School
400 West Rustic Street
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Fax: (618) 544-5304
Principal: Craig Beals

Lincoln Grade School
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Principal: Kathy Bemont

Washington Elem. School
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Principal: Jason Stark

Community Unit #2
1301 North Allen Street
Phone: (618) 544-7781
Fax: (618) 544-9284
Superintendent: Josh Quick
Community Unit School District #2 


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