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Angie Robb  | 

(618) 544-9510 ⨯ 107

Mandy Cooley  | 
Fr/So School Counselor

(618) 544-9510 ⨯ 106

Janelle Oxford  | 
Jr/Sr School Counselor

(618) 544-9510 ⨯ 110


 Telephone: (618) 544-9510 | Fax: (618) 544-7921 | Office Hours: 7:30 AM - 3:30 PM


School Counselor Department

  – Lincoln Trail College Tuition Waiver Applications are available in the School Counselor's Office –

Students are encouraged to visit with the counselors for personal guidance and for information on grades, study help, testing programs, and college and scholarship information. The counselors are available to discuss home, school, or social concerns.

Counselor Office Services

Robinson High School offers a large array of guidance and counseling services to all students. These services include, but are not limited to, personal counseling, academic counseling, career counseling, scheduling, and testing services. The guidance department also provides scholarship and other financial information to seniors by announcing scholarships available through the student announcements each morning, participating in the LTC College Fair, hosting a financial aid night, and other activities.

Our Guidance Office has a computer available for students to investigate college information online before and after school, as well as during their activity period. The School Counselor's Office also keeps applications for most local and state colleges and universities and can request applications for any institution of higher learning. Students may also apply on-line to many of the institutions.


The Counseling Department believes that communication is the key to a students success in the classroom and is in the student's best interest that his or her parent/guardian and the school communicates regularly. Emails are an effective method of communication. RHS teachers can be contacted via email by using the Staff Directory. Teachers are very conscientious about responding to emails, and many parents have found it to be an excellent way to keep track of their child's educational progress.


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